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A Festive Mess! 17 Creative Birthday Activities for an Unforgettable Party

I don’t mean to brag, but my husband and I have thrown quite a few awesome birthday parties over the years. However, when reflecting back over all the parties we’ve thrown, it’s clear to me that the most memorable parties were the messiest. Messy and birthday parties go together better than you might imagine. After all, what could be more festive than a little bit of parent-approved pandemonium?

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A Winter Wonderland Party is Snow Much Fun!

Winter is a tough time to host a birthday party for your child. It’s cold and generally unpleasant outside, forcing you to be creative with your indoor party theme. This year, embrace the chilly weather by hosting a Winter Wonderland Party! A great indoor party offers the best part of Mother Nature’s frosty venue, but in a much warmer space. 

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Ahoy Mateys! Sailor Birthday Party - Hoist the Sails! We’re About to Dive into Some Fun Sailor Birthday Party Ideas

There are many creative ways to invite the crew on a sailing adventure. Hand-delivered invitations could be sent as a message in a bottle complete with a little bit of sand and a couple of small seashells. For a pool party, the invitation could include wording like, “Ahoy! Set sail on the [Child’s Name] sea for some sailing adventures!”.

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All Grown Up? Host a Teen Dinner Party

As children get into their tween and teen years, it can be more difficult to think of a party theme. A lot of kids will want to skip the theme and go with something slightly more sophisticated while using their favorite colors. A simple dinner party with your teen’s favorite foods may be the perfect idea - a little party at home before they head out to the movies.

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