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Best Bets for Birthday Bashes That Don't Break the Bank

It seems like kids’ birthday parties are getting out of hand these days, with parents trying to top each other for some non-existent ‘Most Elaborate Party’ award! It can be difficult – if not impossible – to keep up with the intricate and often highly-structured parties that are thrown by our child’s friends and classmates. Whether your child is in school, is home schooled or is not yet even in preschool, the politics of birthday parties affect everyone. Save your sanity by considering some of the options and tips below.

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Birthday Bashes on a Budget

Party-planning expert Lisa Kothari, author of "Dear Peppers and Pollywogs...What Parents Want to Know About Planning Their Kids' Parties" has gathered her tricks and tips for a  birthday party on a budget.

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Birthday Home Party Pointers

Over the past 13 years, with five children of various ages, I have organized a total of 45 birthday parties. Due to the rising cost of outside-the-home parties, we have had many home parties that were just as fun, inexpensive and customized for the birthday child’s desired theme. Involving the birthday child also gives them a valuable appreciation for the effort required to host a party.

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Birthday Parties for Babies

Baby's birthday is a major milestone in both the baby's and the parents' lives. Most baby birthdays are celebrated with family members, including grandparents, cousins, and so on. But parents who belong to mother groups or baby playgroups often celebrate with baby's peers. Either way, it's best to choose a theme and arrange the party around it. Here are a few tips and ideas for celebrating that special first, second or third birthday with your baby.

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