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Birthday Party Ideas: Construction Birthday Party

With a little boy at home, I’m sure there is a construction-themed birthday party in my future! Most kids love digging in the dirt so it’s no surprise that a construction birthday party is such a popular party theme. When planning my son’s birthday party two years ago, I was sure we’d be having a construction-themed party but we changed the theme to go along with his favorite movie. Ever since then, I’ve had all these construction party ideas written down in my notebook and I’ve been excited to see the party come to life!

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Birthday Party Places Your Kids Will Love

So you don’t have time to plan and prepare the perfect birthday party? Don’t despair. There are lots of fun places to hold parties away from home that will save you time in planning, preparation and clean-up. Most importantly, your birthday child and guests will have a blast!

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Birthday Traditions - 15 Ways to Create Magical Moments

A child’s birthday has to be the most anticipated day of the year. If your child is like most, as soon as the party is over, they are already talking about what they want to do or get for their next birthday - 364 days away! I know every parent wants their child’s birthday to be spectacular, and each year, as your child gets older and their wants become greater, it’s easy to get caught up in the hype of trying to outdo the previous year’s birthday.

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Birthday Wishes Made Easy

The excitement! The anticipation! The planning.

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