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Birthdays on a Budget

Birthday parties are a celebration of our children's life. Parties also create memories for our kids and ourselves. However, sometimes parents get carried away with decorations, elaborate cakes and goodie bags. If the party breaks your budget, then it becomes an unnecessary stress for you as the parent. With some planning, you can put on a fun-filled party that easily stays within your budget and everyone will enjoy the day.

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Bridging the Gap - 6 Tips for Planning a Family Reunion

As the world gets smaller, extended families stretch across the country. A recent survey shows that only 37 per cent of us live in the hometown where we grew up. The result is a loss of family bonds and traditions. Sadly, we don’t know our second cousins or can’t remember our great Aunt Millie. We are strangers with a common ancestor.

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Bring a Smile to Their Faces! Party Booth Ideas

Photo booths are a really popular addition to all types of party themes and special occasions. There are so many ways to create your own special party photo booth area at home without exceeding your budget. Here are 40 fun ideas for your next party:

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Celebrate Thanksgiving Charlie Brown's Way - Party Ideas for Turkey Time

As a child, I loved watching A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving on TV. Since 1973, the Charles Schultz classic has entertained millions of kids on and around Thanksgiving Day. How many of us fantasized about eating jelly beans and popcorn instead of our mother’s green bean casserole? This year, make the kids’ table the best one in the house by recreating a Charlie Brown’s Thanksgiving. Entertain the kids with crafts, games, and, of course, Chef Snoopy’s famous Thanksgiving meal (Jelly beans, popcorn, pretzels, and toast). It will be a Thanksgiving they will never forget!

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