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Lacking Motivation?

Lacking Motivation? Regain Your Child’s Excitement for Learning

High levels of motivation to learn will automatically develop in your children when they are treated well, respected, encouraged and when their schoolwork has meaning to them. Home school teachers who understand how to motivate a student can greatly enhance the education experience and performance of their children.


4 Benefits of H.O.M.E Learning

Home learning has lots of advantages, but I think the best part is the ability to learn outside of a traditional desk-and-book environment. H.O.M.E. is a great acronym for how it works.


De-Stressing 101 for Home School Parents

Home schooling is hard work. Yes, it’s a blessing. Yes, we enjoy it. But it is also a difficult job and one that can be extremely stressful if we let it.


Home School Cool - Technology Fuels a Surge of Interest in Home School

If Mike Beery knows his way around pixels and PhotoShop, it’s no surprise; he’s a seasoned graphic designer. More surprising is the fact that he manages his home-based business alongside a bustling classroom - together with his wife Debi, a nurse, Beery home schools the couple’s two children, Grace, 11, and Gavin, 8.


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