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Study Help

It’s that time of year… your school-aged child is facing year-end examinations and progress reports. Being crucial to one’s education, regardless of grade, exams can be a stressful time for students. Turning exams and progress reports into positives for all children is something both educators and parents desire. The Calgary Catholic School District’s academic goal this year is “Success for all Students,” with a concentration on student wellness, specific to mental health and resiliency. A factor of resiliency for a student’s personal outcome is embedded in their ability to feel prepared for an exam. There are a number of ways you can take an active role in your child’s education, including promoting healthy study habits during this time.


What’s With Tweens and Teens When it Comes to Reading (or not)?

There’s an unsettling trend: 100 per cent of kids in Kindergarten read for pleasure. By Grade 4, only 54 per cent say they do; 30 per cent in Grade 8 and just 19 per cent are choosing to read for enjoyment by Grade 12. Something happens to the reading experience of young people to make it seem a lot less enjoyable as they move from elementary to middle school to high school.


Add a Little Drama to Their Lives

The world of drama in all its different forms is a great tool for families who want their children to make their own fun. While we often think of drama taking place in theatres with a cast of tens or more, there are lots and lots of ways to incorporate creative drama games and activities in your own home. And it’s a ton of fun! 


Should I Enroll my Child in French Immersion?

Whether your home is bilingual or not, enrolling your children in a French Immersion program is an option readily available in Calgary. When considering this option for your children, you are making a conscious choice for their future and are likely weighing the pros and cons.


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