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Add a Little Drama to Their Lives

The world of drama in all its different forms is a great tool for families who want their children to make their own fun. While we often think of drama taking place in theatres with a cast of tens or more, there are lots and lots of ways to incorporate creative drama games and activities in your own home. And it’s a ton of fun! 


Should I Enroll my Child in French Immersion?

Whether your home is bilingual or not, enrolling your children in a French Immersion program is an option readily available in Calgary. When considering this option for your children, you are making a conscious choice for their future and are likely weighing the pros and cons.


11 Tips to Hook Reluctant Readers

It’s been proven that having the ability to read well contributes to your child’s overall success in school. But what can you do if every time you suggest they pick up a book you hear responses like: “I hate reading.”  “Reading is boring.” “I don’t want to read." "Can’t I just play a video game?” Here are some simple tips to hook your reluctant reader in unexpected ways.


Learn About Your Community’s New School

If you live in one of Calgary’s many growing communities, you may be seeing a welcome sight in the neighborhood: a new school. In fact, nine new schools are expected to open in September 2016 with an additional eight schools planned to open in January 2017. A new school creates a lot of excitement in a community, but can also generate many questions from parents and residents: What grades will be in the school? Who is the principal? Will there be a playground? What are the bell times?


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