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Math - Help!

Just barely mumble the words, "Don't you have some math homework to do?" and you are likely to hear enough moans and groans to make you want to throw in the towel right then and there. Although it is not always the subject of choice, math does not have to be a nasty word either.

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11 Tips to Hook Reluctant Readers

It’s been proven that having the ability to read well contributes to your child’s overall success in school. But what can you do if every time you suggest they pick up a book you hear responses like: “I hate reading.”  “Reading is boring.” “I don’t want to read." "Can’t I just play a video game?” Here are some simple tips to hook your reluctant reader in unexpected ways.

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Get Them Hooked! Tips for Motivating Reluctant Readers

We all know reading is an important skill but, once your child has lost interest in reading, it can be hard to get it back. Whether your child is struggling with reading or simply isn’t motivated to read, don’t give up hope. There are a number of strategies that can help your child become more engaged in reading, build literacy skills and gain knowledge.

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Just Bored? Or Is It More? Four Great Tips From a Tutor

All of us can recall moments we were beyond bored in school. Maybe it was when that long-winded science teacher with a monotone read directly from the textbook. Or during that math unit when associative, commutative and identity properties failed to thrill you. Remember? Exciting stuff! Of course you can relate. But if your child is whining, “I’m bored,” it’s possible the B-word may not be the real issue at all. Sometimes boredom actually masks disinterest, academic struggle, lack of challenge or conflict with a teacher. In turn, such obstacles to learning may trigger underachievement, low grades or a diminished self-image.

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