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More Than Just S’mores and Campfires! The 7 Benefits of Summer Camp

It’s every parent’s concern: What’s the best way for my child to spend their free time during summer and school breaks? To some, it’s a time for children to play and have fun. For others, it’s an opportunity for kids to hone their studies or learn new skills - or even subjects, from arts to architecture.


A Parent’s Guide to Choosing the Perfect Residential Camp

By now, you may have browsed camp guides, visited as many websites as possible and asked other parents for their tips to help narrow down your choices. So what’s the next step in your summer camp search? Well, there’s nothing quite like a camp visit. If you have never visited a summer camp, do so and you won’t want to leave! Kids summer camps welcome the chance to show you around and answer all of your questions.


10 Fundraising Life Lessons Learned

At first glance, helping your child rock fundraiser after fundraiser can seem like a giant pain in the… calendar, wallet and more. But repeat after me: Fundraising teaches cool life lessons - and can also be fun! Keep this list handy for the next time you pull the fundraiser packet out of your kid’s backpack.


Stop Nagging - Encouragement or Pushing?

With many young athletes crossing my path, it’s not unusual to hear comments like: “They push me too much” or, “They’re always on my case about what I’m doing at practice.” Not surprisingly, many young athletes feel pressured and pushed by their parents. In contrast, many parents believe in “the push.” If I didn’t push her to practice, she wouldn’t be as good as she is. I have to get after her sometimes. Or, parents agonize over what is the right amount to push: How can I ever know if I am doing damage or not? I want to be there and be supportive, but sometimes she looks at me like I have hurt her feelings.


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