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Camp Counsellor: The Perfect Job for Your Teen

Kids love to go to camp and experience new adventures, enjoy a break from everyday life and make new friends. But, as our kids get older, we want them to experience a summer job and the benefits that go along with earning an income. Why not consider the perfect blend of both: a camp counsellor job?


Capture the Benefits of Sports Camp

My kids have never been to camp.” I almost spewed my drink when the mom of seven told me she doesn’t see the value of sending kids to camp. “Really?” My answer was short but my mind was reeling as I assessed what her kids miss each summer by never experiencing camp. I couldn’t help myself as I began to pontificate on the value of camp.


Finding Affordable Summer Camps: Camps for Every Budget

Many families have become more mindful of their budgets during challenging economic times and you may be among those wondering whether you can afford camp for your kids this year. But did you know that there’s a camp for virtually every budget, with financial assistance available?


Camp Benefits: Top 5 Life Skills Kids Learn at Camp

To many people, summer camp for kids might appear like nothing more than fun and games. However, a study conducted in the past few years support what camp directors have been saying for decades: Camp is a setting for positive youth development where invaluable life skills are acquired and nurtured.


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