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Family Fun


Halloween Tween Party

If your tween tells you they have outgrown trick-or-treating this year, don’t be surprised. There comes a time when some tweens feel they are too old (or too cool) to join the goblins parading on Halloween night. Putting on a costume feels awkward and begging for treats is suddenly embarrassing. On the other hand, sitting at home handing out treats doesn’t sound fun either. If your tween still wants spooky thrills, think about throwing a lively age-appropriate party as a way to keep your young tween happy, entertained and safe on Halloween night.


Great Ideas for a Sugar-Free Halloween

A sugar-free Halloween? Halloween is one of those holidays where sugar and candy are the stars of the show! How on earth can you get away from it? If you’d like to eliminate or simply reduce the amount of sugar at Halloween, here are some things you can do and still celebrate Halloween - enjoying the holiday without the kids feeling like they are ‘missing out.’


"Are We There Yet?": Tips for Planning a Family Road Trip

Last summer my husband and I chose to drive from Toronto, Ontario to Halifax, Nova Scotia, with our two daughters, then aged twelve and nineteen. It was one of the most memorable and awesome summer vacations we had ever experienced as a family. Along with being able to capture the historic beauty of Quebec, we also visited New Brunswick and PEI for the first time. After spending time with friends in Halifax, we were awe inspired by the breathtaking Green and White Mountain ranges as we drove back home through Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont. Never having experienced a family road trip before, I wasn't sure how everyone would adapt to spending so many hours on the road but planning ahead really paid off and we can't wait to do it again.


Head for the Hills - Summer Fun in Banff

No matter the size of your adventurous spirit, it could take a lifetime to explore the 1,000 kilometres of trails, multitudes of lakes, rivers and streams, and illustrious scenery of Banff National Park.


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