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Tweetie Pie Baby Shower

A really sweet (or should I say “tweet”) way to celebrate a new baby is to host a “Tweetie Pie” themed baby shower. Think little birds, birdhouses, nests and delicious pie. Sounds adorable, right?


4 Cheap and Easy Ways to Have Your Cake and Decorate It Too!

When it comes to a child’s birthday party, cake is probably one of the most important elements. I am by no means a professional cake baker, but over the years I have found some easy cheats to create cute and charming cakes without having to pay for, or you can do your own extensive piping and fondant work.


Throw a Fabulous Frozen-Themed Birthday Party on a Budget

Your daughter loves everything about Disney’s Frozen. She dressed up as Elsa for Halloween and Let it Go is her favorite song. It is no surprise to you that she wants to have a Frozen-themed party for her birthday. Unfortunately, a quick look at your after-holiday budget does not leave much to work with. Don’t worry. You can still make your daughter’s dreams come true.


Frosty Fun! 23 Cool Winter Birthday Party Ideas

Children with winter birthdays might have the good fortune of sharing their special day with classmates, but they also get the short end of the stick when it comes to outdoor activities. If party guests trek over snow and ice to help celebrate, reward them with a spectacular time. Don your hats, your coats and your sense of adventure!


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