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7 Easy Tips for a Stress-Free Birthday Party

Are you about to plan your child’s birthday party? Perhaps it’s the memorable first birthday, the one with the entire toddler mommy-and-me class invited, or your preschooler’s classroom event. No matter how you are celebrating, there are some key factors to keep in mind to reduce the stress and enjoy this fun milestone.


Reality TV Star Party

I don’t watch a lot of television but when I do, it’s usually a reality TV show. I always get hooked on ‘the most dramatic rose ceremony in the history of The Bachelor and I drool over The Food Channels recipes. A fun idea for a party that could be modified for any age group is: ‘Do You Have What it Takes to be a Reality TV Star?’ Can you decorate a cupcake that leaves the party guests in awe? Can you get through an obstacle course faster than a monkey? Do your karaoke solos get standing ovations? Then you may have what it takes to be a reality TV star!


Tweetie Pie Baby Shower

A really sweet (or should I say “tweet”) way to celebrate a new baby is to host a “Tweetie Pie” themed baby shower. Think little birds, birdhouses, nests and delicious pie. Sounds adorable, right?


4 Cheap and Easy Ways to Have Your Cake and Decorate It Too!

When it comes to a child’s birthday party, cake is probably one of the most important elements. I am by no means a professional cake baker, but over the years I have found some easy cheats to create cute and charming cakes without having to pay for, or you can do your own extensive piping and fondant work.


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