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Throw a Fabulous Frozen-Themed Birthday Party on a Budget

Your daughter loves everything about Disney’s Frozen. She dressed up as Elsa for Halloween and Let it Go is her favorite song. It is no surprise to you that she wants to have a Frozen-themed party for her birthday. Unfortunately, a quick look at your after-holiday budget does not leave much to work with. Don’t worry. You can still make your daughter’s dreams come true.


Frosty Fun! 23 Cool Winter Birthday Party Ideas

Children with winter birthdays might have the good fortune of sharing their special day with classmates, but they also get the short end of the stick when it comes to outdoor activities. If party guests trek over snow and ice to help celebrate, reward them with a spectacular time. Don your hats, your coats and your sense of adventure!


Sweet Dreams Baby Shower

Have you ever made a wish on a shooting star? This Sweet Dreams Baby Shower incorporates twinkling stars, fluffy clouds, sweet treats and wishes for the baby on the way. This adorable theme is perfect for either gender and can be held either before the baby is born or after the bundle of joy has arrived. This theme has a soft feel to it with fluffy white decorations and pastel colors.


Celebrating Your Baby's First Birthday

The financial and emotional stress of hosting a baby’s first birthday party may take a toll on parents hoping to celebrate their child’s birthday and reminisce about the wonderful journey their baby has taken them on during the past year. From balancing guest lists to planning the menu to choosing a theme and finding the perfect outfit for your child to smear cake on, a child’s first birthday party leaves many parents feelings as though they’re planning a wedding reception. 


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