Family Fun


Super Soirees

Few childhood milestones spark
more parental anxiety than
birthday celebrations. Whether
party planning makes you swoon or
sweat, it’s possible to plan a party both you and your child will enjoy. Read on to keep the ‘happy’ in your child’s birthday - from the first party all the way through the teen years.


Football Tailgate Party

Football season is here again! You don’t have to be at the game or on the couch to enjoy the game - you can plan a party out in your vehicle. Yep, a Football Tailgate Party! Tailgate parties aren’t just for trucks - an SUV or minivan will work perfectly as well. Before you head inside to enjoy the game, here are some fun ideas for planning a football tailgate party in your own driveway.


No-Fail Tips for Planning the Perfect Party

Over the past 13 years, with five children of various ages, I have organized a total of 45 birthday parties. We have had many fun, inexpensive, in-home birthday parties customized for the birthday child’s desired theme. Involving the birthday child also gives them a valuable appreciation for the effort required to host a party.


Award-Winning Performance! Actor’s Academy Birthday Party

This is a theme perfect for either gender and is easily adaptable for different age groups. There certainly isn’t a shortage of activity and decorating ideas for this party theme!


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