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Looking for Balance as a Hockey Parent? We have Good News for You!

Having lived the hockey parent dream (or nightmare?), it was pretty obvious to both of us that our children’s repetitive hockey schedules, while enjoyable, were time consuming. As researchers, we decided to study this phenomenon and learn more about what coping strategies other parents used to balance both their hockey and work commitments. From our interviews, with over 50 hockey parents, here are four coping strategies that we discovered were used by parents that you can adopt that will help keep your life in good order - whether you are a hockey, dance or music parent.


Protecting Your Little Sports Star’s Eyes

Your brave little soccer player stumbles down the field. You are on your feet - this could be the first goal of the year! Suddenly, a player from the other team comes out of nowhere to block the shot, and kicks that ball as hard as humanly possible. It all happens in slow motion: the kick…and then the ‘thud’as the ball connects with your brave little one’s face. The game ends with a black eye and a lot of tears, but you know it could have been much worse.


Happy, Well-Rounded Kids - 5 Benefits of After School Activities in Calgary

Parents, do you ever wonder if you may be taking the whole over-scheduling taboo too seriously? Personally, I find most parents are intelligent, conscientious and trying to find a healthy middle ground for everyone in the family. Most parents want their kids to have just the right amount of after-school activities. The vast majority seem committed to helping their kids become happier, healthier, well-rounded citizens without pushing them into activity overload.


Just Keep Swimming! The Surprising Benefits of Winter Swim Lessons

The Red Cross estimates that over 90 per cent of families spend at least some time in the water during the summer months, so it makes sense that summer is the prime season for children’s swim lessons. But don’t be so quick to pull your kids out of the water just because the temperature has fallen outside.


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