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The Dollars and Cents of Your Next Home Renovation

Homeowners across the country have started to plan renovations to their homes and property. Whether you’re adding minor finishing touches or doing a complete overhaul, renovations require detailed planning and budgeting, and can be expensive. In fact, according to a study by the Altus Group, Canadians spent a record $63.5 billion on home renovations in 2013 - a 2.7 per cent jump in spending from 2012.


Your Guide to a Successful Garage Sale

Are your garage, basement and closets overflowing from the heaps of stuff you’ve been saving ‘just in case’? Then it may be time to put it to good use in someone else’s home. Rummage sales are a great way to clear out, recycle and make some extra cash. 


Creating a Clutter-Free Home

Growing up, I always wondered how my mother managed to accumulate so much ‘stuff.’ Our house seemed to be filled with the toys my sisters and I no longer played with, our closets with the clothes we no longer wore. Then I became a mother myself and finally, I understood.


Surviving a Home Renovation

If you have ever lived through a renovation project, you will know it’s not an easy thing to do. There are people in and out of your home, there’s a mess and it typically gets worse before it gets better.


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