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Tales of a Food Writer’s Home Kitchen Renovation

I recommend anyone planning home renos add a little to the budget for marital counseling - or at least a vacation in the midst of it all! A kitchen reno has been on my to-do list for years. As a food writer, I spend a lot of time there testing recipes, styling and photographing them, besides the usual preparation of breakfast, lunch and dinner for the family. My kitchen was small and sunny, with an old workhorse of a GE electric stove, a hand-me-down fridge from my parents and old, splintering wood countertops that were at one point salvaged from the U of C science lab. The problem was, I couldn’t do without my kitchen - I’m always working on cookbooks or articles. But at one point, we decided to throw our hat over the fence. On a trip to Italy last June, I told my husband to tear it all out while I was gone - that would force us to renovate.


Make Tax Time a Family Affair!

If you have a family, taxes can be a daunting task. Filing an income tax return is about more than just declaring what you owe - it’s an opportunity to take advantage of the many credits and child and family benefits available to support your family finances. This could translate into more money for groceries or kick-start that vacation fund for a fun-filled family getaway.


Bright Family Kitchen DIY Under $500

You move into a new house and want to change a few things. You have three young kids and your husband is working long days, so you wait a while and spread it out over the weekends, right? Not for this mom. Wielding power tools and decorating skills, the cabinets were painted, the countertops replaced or painted into a new finish.


Stylish Living with Kids

Living with kids requires a family room that works for the entire family, especially the kids. Finding the dècor balance between day-home style dècor and a white crystal palace for the parents is often difficult. It needs to look sophisticated - where grownups will want to hang out, as well as withstand the tornado of juice, toys, Lego pieces and crayons that children bring along with them. A family room that works for the entire family can be possible with a few simple ideas to incorporate into your home’s design.


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