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Work-Life-Kids Balance

So You Wanna Be a Stay-At-Home Dad, Do Ya?

A survey I noted sometime back suggested that some 49 per cent of working fathers (why don’t they just say “half”?) would like to trade their neckties for apron strings and stay home with their kids. As a father who did that very thing eight years ago now (has it only been eight years? Feels longer than that...) I feel a duty to fully inform ‘The Brotherhood’ about aspects of the decision that may otherwise be overlooked or downplayed, and that may not have been fully disclosed by those conducting the survey.

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7 Ways to Become a Cool, Calm, and Collected Work-at-Home Parent

Working at home alongside your kids or while they’re at school comes with its own unique set of challenges. Often, people don’t take working from home seriously. They may even wonder if what you do is legitimate. So don’t be surprised if friends ask you to watch their kids since you already enjoy the luxury of spending so much time at home. 

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Making it Work - Fathers on Parental Leave

Last fall, my wife surprised me with the news that we were expecting our second child. Unplanned as it was, I was determined to take advantage of the government-endorsed parental leave. Expanded in 2000, parental leave is a federal initiative granting new parents access to 35 weeks of paid leave.

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