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Ages 0-5

How to Win Parenting Battles: Ages 0 to 5

Being the parent of a baby, toddler, or preschooler has so many rewards - and those rewards are well earned by the numerous trials parents must contend with at every stage. Let the following tips guide you through some of the challenges you’re likely to face.

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Ask Elizabeth: End Preschooler Back Talk!

When you first hear your preschooler talk back to you, it is often a simple expression of their emotion: “No! I don’t want to.” It is important to differentiate between your child’s feelings and how they are expressing them. They are absolutely entitled to their feelings, but the problem is in the way that they are voicing them. A disrespectful pattern can quickly emerge and worsen if the communication pattern is not pointed out and corrected from the beginning.

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It's Tummy Time! Ease the Struggle

Tummy time during play time should be an important part of your parenting game plan.

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How to Tell if Your Newborn is Tired

Your newborn is a unique person and will present you with a very individualized language. However, there are many similarities among babies. The majority of newborns signal tiredness in similar ways. Let’s talk about some of these common signals to give you a guideline as you begin the process of learning to read your baby’s language. Once you get through the first few months, you won’t need a list of any kind as you will learn how to read your baby better than anyone else in the whole entire world. But in the meantime, knowing what things to look out for can speed the translation process.

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