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Five Tips on How to Give your Kids an Allowance

Giving kids an allowance is a time honored tradition as old as, well, having them make their beds or set the dinner table. But it turns out that for many of today's families, the ritual of allowance giving can create a lot of stress and apprehension.

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Eight Books Every Mother Should Read With Her Daughter

It's easy for moms to get caught up in daily chores and never get around to talking about important issues with their daughters. Even if you do find the time, sitting down for ‘a talk’ probably isn't high on your daughter's list either. You both may find it awkward to bring up topics like dealing with kids who are mean at school, being a good friend and handling conflict between the two of you.

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The Three Ingredients Needed to Raise a Successful Child

What does it take to raise a successful child and adult with good character? A think-tank study reveals the secret: tough love is made of three ingredients: confident parent(s), warmth and consistent discipline.

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