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Calm, Coping Kids

The crying toddler who clings desperately to Mommy's leg at daycare door and the twelve-year-old girl who panics about being a wallflower before her first school dance are both experiencing one of life's most common, yet universally distressing experiences: STRESS.


Tips For Dining Out With Your Kids

Before we started a family in the eighties, my husband and I loved to go out! We usually ended up in one of Calgary's restaurants. When our young son, Marc, arrived 14-years ago, we decided to continue dining out, this time enjoying the experience as a family. Over the years, we picked up several great tips that we think can make eating out with small children the treasured respite from the world it should be.


Can't You Control that Kid?

Parents Are In Charge, Not In Control

Yes, we have all experienced that challenge. Either in words, or tone, or by action. We have heard those scolding words, those sighs of disgust and felt those penetrating stares. And sometimes we have experienced them as early as our child's infancy. Bystanders, thinking themselves well intentioned, try to get us to control our kids.


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