Positive Discipline: Improving Behavior with Natural Consequences

Read on for age-by-age guidance on putting natural consequences to work for your family - naturally.


6 Ways to End Bedtime Battles with Your Toddler or Preschooler

Does your toddler or preschooler stall bedtime with “just one more [glass of water, book, kiss, etc.]” requests? Once you have entered the land of “just one more” it can be hard to leave, as you tend to get in deeper and deeper each time you give in. The result is later bedtimes, overtired kids and frustrated parents.


Making Changes, One Behavior at a Time

From strengthening relationships to achieving a healthier lifestyle, we all have behaviors we’d like to change to create a more satisfying life. But when we have families, establishing more positive habits can prove tricky. To get your family motivated, begin by focusing on one behavior at a time and make changes in a fun, collaborative way.


Bad Behavior or Developmentally on Track?

It’s one thing if your toddler has a kicking, screaming tantrum in the supermarket, which is actually on target developmentally, as embarrassing as it can be for you. But what if your child is still at it when they’re three, four or even five? As kids get older, we expect more from them, and rightly so. But it can be tough to know what’s okay because it’s ‘just a stage’ and what’s no longer age-appropriate.


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