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Reading Builds Brains & Bonds - Your Family Doctor may Prescribe: ‘Read Aloud to Your Child’

A pilot project starting this Fall will have a number of family doctors and health care professionals gifting a board book to infants and giving their parents a written prescription to ‘read aloud to your child for 15 minutes a day.’ The doctor’s guidance will come through a conversation during the child’s checkup and via take-away information about why reading aloud is important to a child’s development. It will include tips and ideas to help make reading aloud a fun and effective daily family habit.


Potty Training: Ready? Or Not?

I know with my friends, our kids attained that coveted potty trained status at different ages, some around two, some closer to three-and-a-half and others just before four. Some kids seemed to achieve it rather easily – while others started and revolted, started again, revolted a bit more and then committed. No two potty training stories seemed to be the same.


Little Larks - Need More Shut-Eye? Here's How to Entertain Your Early-Bird!

Many families struggle to rouse sleepy children in the morning, but what if you have the opposite problem? If your preschooler is wide awake and chirpy with the dawn, you need rest and solutions to keep your early riser from waking the household. Adjusting your child’s bedtime is an obvious first step, but if that is not an option, or does not have the desired results, there is still hope.


Moving from Crib to Bed

When your child moves from crib to bed, it’s a milestone in his life as well as yours. There is no precise time for making this move, though typically it’s between the first and third birthday. The key to success is to be patient and allow your child time to adjust to the change. Why move a child from crib to bed?


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