The ABCs of Preschool

Finding the preschool that works best for you and your child requires some research. The best place to start is by asking questions.


Why Some Kids are Drawn to Adult-Level Info and How to Keep it Kid-Friendly

Many kids are drawn to adult-level information. They eavesdrop on their parent’s conversations, pay attention to what’s happening on the news and take every opportunity to read their parent’s text messages and emails. As hard as parents try, kids are still finding out information they have no business knowing.


Making Music Builds Brain Power in Kids

Many parents in the Calgary area naturally turn to sports as the first option when lining up after-school activities for their children. However, always putting the arts on the backburner may be a mistake, especially for children that are in the early years of preschool through elementary. Music instruction, in particular, is something that parents may want to explore a bit more. Even if a child is not musically inclined, many benefits are gained from a brief introduction to the fundamentals of either voice training or learning to play a simple musical instrument.


Decisions, Decisions: Six Tips to Nurture a Confident Decision Maker

As a parent, you’ve probably heard the mantra: To help your child feel a sense of control and better manage meltdowns, offer two choices you can both live with. But, what do you do if even two choices become an agonizing struggle as your child painstakingly worries over seemingly simple decisions?


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