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Top Items to Pack in Your Child's Lunchbox

My daughter plays hard at day camp and spends long hours in the heat. She comes home filthy and exhausted. She was also coming home absolutely starving until I figured out what to pack in her lunchbox to keep her fueled all day. The standard lunch I’d been sending to school just wasn’t cutting it for camp.


Drop-Off Day at Summer Camp: Are You ‘Parent-Ready’?

A few decades ago, parents eagerly waited for drop-off day at summer camp. For a few glorious weeks, they could happily ditch their roles of chauffeur, chef and chaperone. They’d read a few more books, have an extra glass of wine with dinner and simply enjoy a respite from the non-stop pace kids require. 


Create Peace & Quiet

Today’s lifestyle can be very hectic, full of duties and interruptions for many children. Still, parents are worried that they are not creating enough activities or experiences for their children. Based on my experience, there is an increasing amount of child-related issues around restlessness and finding it more difficult to calm down and concentrate. They are often bombarded by schedules, activities, hobbies, noises and overstimulation. I often recommend to do less and ‘just be’ more.


This is the Year

Now that the calendar has turned and you have a whole year before you, what will you do? Whether you favor New Year’s resolutions or not, there’s nothing like the positive image of possibility that lies in the fresh beginnings of January 1st. And tapping into that inspiration can take your family into adventures all year long, if you adopt the right mindset.


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