The Daily Debrief: Tips on Talking with Your Kids about Their School Day

As children rise early, don their backpacks, and return to school, many parents will spend
their days eagerly awaiting the opportunity to reconnect with their kids and hear all of the details about what they learned and experienced during their hours away from home. Too often, though, parental queries about their children’s school day are met with brief, non-descript responses: “We didn’t really do anything”; “I don’t remember”; “It was fine”; leaving parents feeling very much on the outside, struggling to peer in. 


A Penny Saved is a Penny Earned - Teach Your Child Good Saving Habits

Those who learn and develop good saving habits early in life are more prepared to deal with what lies ahead and develop into financially responsible adults.


In Giving, We Receive - 7 Ways to Teach Your Child to Give Back

Today more than ever, we as a society who find ourselves entering a period of increased social awareness, one where giving back, effecting change and making a positive difference in the lives of those less fortunate, both in our communities and around the globe, are concepts that are becoming more prevalent.


Growing Up Online: Becoming Mindful about Photos

Social media has become the new back fence, a place where parents can tell stories, swap tips and even brag a bit. A recent survey from the Pew Research Center found that moms, in particular, give and get lots of encouragement as well as useful parenting information from networks like Facebook (FB), Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram. Almost all of these efforts involve photos, which would be great if those photos would ‘stay put.’ Unfortunately, they don’t. Photos of cute kids - especially babies - have been misappropriated by people who use them for their own, sometimes dubious, purposes. Baby role-playing, for example, involves young women who use random photos of children to fantasize about motherhood. By posting pics and inventing details about babies they don’t know, they attract attention on social media.


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