Make Mealtimes Meaningful

October is the month that parents sometimes forget to breathe. The novelty of back-to-school has worn off and the challenge of fitting in car-pools, homework, activities and your own obligations leaves little time for anything—including breathing! You might not realize it, but your child likely feels exactly the same way.


Stop the Squabbles, Stat!

If you have more than one child living under your roof, chances are you’ve dealt with sibling rivalry along with shrieks of “It’s not fair!” or, “But he did it first!” Sibling rivalry is a daily struggle for millions of parents. But sibling tensions don’t have to rule your home. Read on for age-by-age strategies on smoothing sibling squabbles.


What’s up With That? When Toddlers Say No!

The moment your child utters their first word, you’ll probably want to announce it to the world while quickly marking the occasion in their baby book. You probably won’t be so thrilled, however, when their word of choice evolves into the very opinionated word, ‘no.’ Although this is a frustrating and challenging stage of development, it is completely normal.


Capture a Moment in Time - Fabulous Family Interviews

"When I grow up, I want to be a giraffe,” my three-year-old daughter declared during one of our annual family interviews. The following year, she wanted to be an artist. When she was six, she decided she’d like to live on a ranch and draw her horses instead of ride them! As parents, we all measure our kids’ growth in feet and inches. But how do you measure their ideas and dreams? Recording yearly interviews with your children will provide a unique way of capturing who they are at that moment in time. Here are a few ideas for you to conduct annual family interviews of your own.


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