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Create Moments Just For You - 45 Amazing Ideas for Busy Moms to Relax and Recharge

The endless pressures and demands of motherhood can take up most of your time in a day. It’s natural to feel like your children consume all of your attention. That may even be reality, but it’s not healthy for them or you. Carving out some time just for you is important and there’s no need to feel guilty about it. Yes, we all want to be a good mom, but taking care of ourselves will make us better moms for our children, as well as better spouses and friends.


Married...With Children! Give your Marriage a Makeover

Is your marriage everything you ever hoped it could be? Or has it been pushed down your list of priorities since having children? Let's face it, parenthood is a full-time job, and it dramatically changes your marriage relationship. But marriage is the foundation upon which your entire family is structured. If your marriage is strong, your whole family will be strong; your life will be more peaceful, you'll be a better parent, and you'll, quite simply, have more fun in your life.


Back to School For You?

If you’ve been out of school for a while - be it
 a year or decades - returning to an academic environment can be daunting. The trend of adults returning to school is on the rise. One study reports that students over 25 make up nearly half of the student population on today’s university campuses.


The ‘Date Night Difference’ - Keeping Love Alive Through Good and Challenging Times

In the movie, Date Night, the characters played by Steve Carell and Tina Fey, are in a long-term relationship that they try to spice up by going out to dinner once a week on a date night. The trouble is that their date night is, monotonously predictable: they go to the same restaurant and order the same food on the same night. They start to notice the sameness when they become a little too clichéd even for their own taste by talking about the variation of the chicken quality instead of their feelings, week by week.


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