Parents Only

Parent Time-Out with Children Underfoot

One of the very best parenting tools is the Parent Time Out. When parents are feeling upset, angry, or frustrated over a parenting issue, or over their children’s behaviour, it can help to diffuse the situation if the parent removes themselves to get calm and centered, rather then force the isolation of their child into a Child Time Out. After the parent is calm, they are in a much better frame of mind to deal with the issue at hand and they’ve avoided saying and doing things they might regret later. Sometimes, with young children, this is easier said then done!


Play Days Just For You!

Balancing out life’s stresses is essential for maintaining – especially if you are a parent. To help you maintain the hectic pace of your life, you need to regenerate regularly, not just one day a year. The best and easiest way to regenerate is to find your own special place to relax and remove yourself from the world. Maybe for you that’s a stolen hour in the middle of the day for coffee with friends, some time at a club or spa, reading a great book, or simply taking a walk.


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