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Does Your Child Feel Special?

Every child needs to feel lovable, just as he needs air to breathe. In order to feel lovable, kids need to be loved. That’s obvious. But it’s not enough that we love them, they have to feel loved. They have to get the message. There’s a multitude of ways we can show a child that they are special, but what works for one child won’t necessarily be meaningful for another. Love means something different to all of us, children included. Children need to be loved in ways that fit their own unique needs and personalities. If we listen, if we observe carefully, if we really tune in to our children’s worlds, they’ll show us just how to make them feel special.


Help is Just a Phone Call Away

“My 15-year old daughter is skipping school and doing drugs.”
“We’ve tried everything to get our four-year-old to give up his bottle, but he just won’t!”
“I love my nine-year-old, but lately, it seems like we can’t communicate anymore.

These are just some of the anguished comments Parent Development Centre (PDC) volunteers hear from moms and dads every day.  As Oprah Winfrey has said, parenting is the hardest job in the world.  And once in a while, every parent needs a little help.


Tips for Parents: Warning Signs - Is Your Child Using Drugs?

Drugs and alcohol are robbing our children of their potential and in some instances, their lives. Adolescent addiction is a very serious problem. As parents, we need to be aware of the pitfalls that our children face when traversing through adolescence; a difficult and confusing period in their lives at best.


What is a Spirited Child?

"I used to think God gave us a lump of clay to mold, paint, fire and then send out into the world. After three children, I've learned that we receive a completed vessel and we're lucky if we can slap some paint on before it's time to leave us! I wish I had known about temperament differences years ago because the information assures us that children are born with individual traits that are not there because of something we did wrong as parents." -Wendy, mother of a spirited child


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