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Talking about Child Sexual Abuse

Child sexual abuse is a serious issue that affects a significant number of children. 1 in 3 girls and 1 in 6 boys will be impacted by sexual violence before the age of 18. It is important for children to understand what sexual abuse is so they have the language to properly talk about their bodies and be able to openly explain if something has happened to them so they can get the support they need to live healthy, abuse-free lives.


Flip Frustrations Sunny Side Up

Everyday life can be frustrating. Your first grader forgot his lunch (again) so you hop in the car to deliver it. On the way, you answer a phone call from work, but your cell phone drops dead while your boss is talking. At times like these, it feels like every little annoyance is another big disaster.


Too Many Stars will Spoil the Plot - Teaching Kids to Value Supporting Roles

It’s easy to see who the stars are – in a play, on the ball field and even in the classroom. Kids can identify with what makes those people important to the show or team. Yet we know that most of those wouldn’t have achieved their success without the aid of others. Of course, that’s a pretty heady concept. But accepting a lesser position in support of a larger undertaking is a life skill kids can, and should, learn. And most likely it’s a skill they’ll have to practice soon.


Parenting a Challenging Child - Sanity-Saving Advice & Solutions for Concerned Parents

If you are parenting a behaviorally-challenged child – one who is highly inflexible, defiant and in trouble much of the time – then you may be all too familiar with the confusion, anger, guilt and shame that go with the territory. Challenging kids make life significantly more difficult for their families, teachers and others with whom they interact.


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