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Parenting a Challenging Child - Sanity-Saving Advice & Solutions for Concerned Parents

If you are parenting a behaviorally-challenged child – one who is highly inflexible, defiant and in trouble much of the time – then you may be all too familiar with the confusion, anger, guilt and shame that go with the territory. Challenging kids make life significantly more difficult for their families, teachers and others with whom they interact.


Secrets of Creative Families: 10 Ways to Encourage Expressive Kids

Think the arts are frivolous, impractical and over-priced? Then why not watch the film, Billy Elliot, and discuss it with your spouse afterward. Ask yourself whether your biases toward the arts prevent your children from pursuing hopes and dreams that could bring more satisfaction and joy into their lives.


One Day at a Time: 30 Days to a Healthier Social Life

Relocations, new babies and other life transitions can throw a wrench in your social network, leaving you feeling disconnected and lonely. Use the adjustment period as a chance to make a fresh start. Carefully consider your priorities and build connections that support your personal health and the well-being of your family.


Drift Away From the Trusty Shores of Habit - Fresh Starts and New Beginnings

How many times do we all talk about, or even set about, making that proverbial ‘fresh start’ or ‘new beginning’ only to find ourselves drifting back to the trusty shores of habit? Sometimes we instigate change, or a change just occurs, bigger than our own sense of willpower and we have to handle it - we don’t have a choice.


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