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Quiet Time: Relaxing Intense Kids

How can you tell if your child needs relaxation? If your offspring’s behavior is driving you nuts, it may be time to work on relaxation. Kids who are tightly wound up can be exhausting; they might chronically overreact, demand constant attention or seem like they are annoying you on purpose. Really, they might be overwhelmed and may need help to get grounded.


Kids Get Stressed During the Holidays, Too

The holidays are stressful for parents-the shopping, wrapping and entertaining guarantees that we're exhausted by the time it's over. But, guess what, the holidays are also stressful for your child.


Anger Management - Helping Kids Cool Down

Simmering, seething, white-hot anger. We’ve all felt anger, and our children experience it too. Angry emotions are a normal part of life, and by themselves, they aren’t a cause for concern. But acting out of anger - which can include harming people or property - is a different story, and it’s becoming more common. From a hitting toddler to a temperamental teen, here’s how to help kids keep their cool.


Beyond Burnout and Bickering

School, sports, after-school activities, birthday parties and social commitments - all of these things compete for your child’s energy and attention on a daily basis. And now that kids are hopping on social media at increasingly younger ages, the pressure to participate can become fierce early on. All those images of friends playing sports, hanging out at a pool party or posing together in a gleeful gaggle may cause your child to feel like their schedule doesn’t quite measure up.


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