You’ve Got It, Mom! 10 Tips to Boost Self-Confidence

In my adult life, nothing has sapped my self-confidence like motherhood. Just when I think I’ve got it figured out, the kids grow and change in a new direction. And watching other moms only makes matters worse. I spend my days sucking up cereal with a hand-held vacuum while Supermom posts to-die-for pictures on Pinterest. Of course, it is perfectly normal to feel insecure at times. But self-doubt can create a vicious, downward spiral. To lift yourself up, you’ve got to tap in to your inner core of confidence. Here’s how.


Tried & True - Parenting Tips From the Trenches!

Sleep cures all. Half of all discipline issues could be prevented if parents could secure a full eight hours of sleep in a 24-hour day. Make sleep a priority. The meals, laundry and clutter will always be there, but a rested, content parent is the biggest asset for patience, calmness and joy in parenting.


Ask a School Psychologist - Are There Brain-Based Games That can Strengthen How my Child Thinks and Learns?

Brain science is a quickly growing field with many institutions making this a priority for research funding. With increasing knowledge about the brain has come growth in production and sales of ‘brain-based’ games and programs.


Creating More Peace at Home

Creating more peace at home is hard work. Even my most valiant attempts at discipline - teaching my children to obey the rules and exhibit self-control - reveal I am sorely lacking it myself. These discipline strategies offer straight talk to help us become more effective at discipline.


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