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Single Seniors

Becoming a single parent typically happens through life circumstance or choice. Yet such instances or events aren’t limited to the years between your children’s birth and the day they turn 18. While divorce rates are declining overall, divorce rates for seniors are rising. Typically having spent a life preparing to retire together often these parents, or even grandparents, find themselves financially much worse off than if their divorce had occurred years or even decades before.


Navigating Crowds With Kids in Tow

With a booming economy and summer tourists, many of the wonderful attractions around Calgary that parents like to bring their children to for entertainment and fun, can become much more crowded. Pressure is increased and stress is at an all-time high. How to deal with the crowds while you are navigating the city’s amenities with children in tow? Easy - if you plan ahead:


Dates with Dad - 5 Ways to Connect with Your Daughter

Daughters and dads have a unique relationship. There is that moment in the hospital when a dad first holds his daughter and his eyes and heart go soft with love and a promise to be there for her always. The toddler years are filled with chubby hands clasping onto dad’s finger as she begins to take her first steps; playing in the park; airplane rides on the carpet; and curling up for afternoon naps.


Breaking the Cycle of ‘Perfect Mom' Syndrome

You’re late for your son’s school conference, you forgot to pick up your daughter’s prescription at the pharmacy and you still haven’t figured out what’s for dinner tonight. You start hearing the voices in your head that say you’re a bad mom and you promise yourself you’ll do better, that you’ll become the perfect parent and never mess up again.


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