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15 Things to Tell Your Teenager Before They Close Their Eyes to Sleep

There are certain things teenagers really need to hear from their parents. You cannot say these things when they would be most apropos. However, you can say them at night when the child is relaxed and going to sleep. They offer less resistance at night just before bedtime. They will remember what you said, and they will reflect on it when you least expect it.


Weighty Issues – Talking to Your Teen

Are you hitting a brick wall when trying to discuss weight, fitness and health issues with your son or daughter? You’re not alone. Many parents report that this is a particularly tough, and often emotional, subject for parents and teens to discuss.


Digital Dating Violence

Often called the silent form of harassment, electronic bullying or digital harassment is the new generation of domestic violence.


Teens & Dating - Being in Love Shouldn't Hurt

Your teenager is starting to date and you are worried: Will they be safe? Will they have made good decisions in their relationships? Will they know where to go if they need help? A healthy dating relationship can help a teen develop a positive self-image. It is an opportunity to learn how to empathize and understand others. However, they also need to be aware of ‘red flags’ that can exist in unhealthy relationships.


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