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School Age

After-School Fun - Keep Them Busy!

After-school activities are an essential and fun way to round out your child’s overall educational experience. Integrate both structured and DIY activities that complement your child’s disposition, age, and interests.


Help! My Child is Falling Behind in School!

The school year is in full swing, and you’ve noticed that your child who was happy, relaxed, excited to begin school in September is now anxious and reluctant to engage in learning. Come to think of it, this is a pattern you’ve noticed them display for a few years now. Students who struggle with academics often display this pattern. Most of the time, the heart of the issue is a learning struggle. However, these avoidance behaviors can also be labelled as ‘laziness,’ which impacts self-confidence. Laziness does exist, but it’s important to understand that avoiding a school assignment is often due to a difficulty and/or an inability to complete it successfully.


Playing with Numbers - STEM Made Fun

Butcher, baker, candlestick maker. What did you want to be when you grew up? Once upon a time, the choices were more obvious: teacher, doctor, firefighter, mail carrier... Today, ask friends what their job titles are, and their actual work duties may not seem so straightforward. The 21st century has been largely about innovation and quick development of the knowledge and skills 
to take us into the future.


End the Homework Wars

By the time Meira Mednick’s daughter was in third 
grade, homework time had morphed into lengthy, embattled evenings fraught with angry 
tears as frustrated daughter and frazzled mom squared off. “My daughter began showing signs of difficulty in focus on homework in Kindergarten. By second grade, we were drowning,” says Mednick. 


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