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Family Fun


Skating Season in Banff

With hockey being our National Pastime, it’s never too early to take Junior out for his or her first skate, and what better place to start than on a real frozen pond or lake! November is a magical month that locals in Canmore and Banff refer to as “Skating Season.” Many of the lakes freeze over but are still snow-free and clear for endless gliding across the teal green ice.


Halloween Photos in the Park - Dress 'em up & Take 'em Out

I love taking pictures of my kids dressed up in cute Halloween costumes. In Calgary, it can be challenging to do this on Halloween, though. It gets dark early, it’s cold and sometimes there’s even snow on the ground. You’re lucky if your kids aren’t wearing snowsuits while they trick-or-treat. Last year, a friend and I took our sons out for a walk in Confederation Park with their costumes on. We got great pictures, the kids had fun and it was adorable watching a little lion and dinosaur chase each other around the park.


Halloween Tween Party

If your tween tells you they have outgrown trick-or-treating this year, don’t be surprised. There comes a time when some tweens feel they are too old (or too cool) to join the goblins parading on Halloween night. Putting on a costume feels awkward and begging for treats is suddenly embarrassing. On the other hand, sitting at home handing out treats doesn’t sound fun either. If your tween still wants spooky thrills, think about throwing a lively age-appropriate party as a way to keep your young tween happy, entertained and safe on Halloween night.


Great Ideas for a Sugar-Free Halloween

A sugar-free Halloween? Halloween is one of those holidays where sugar and candy are the stars of the show! How on earth can you get away from it? If you’d like to eliminate or simply reduce the amount of sugar at Halloween, here are some things you can do and still celebrate Halloween - enjoying the holiday without the kids feeling like they are ‘missing out.’


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