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Family Fun


You Don't Have to Stay Home! 11 Ways to Save on Vacation

Your family loves to travel, but the price of vacations seem out of reach. Don’t stay home. Instead, learn the secrets of budget travel and go! Start by following these tips.


Host a Happy Halloween Party - A Ghoulish Good Time!


Host a Happy Halloween Party at your own haunted house, for both kids and grown-ups. Make it creepy or kooky, cover up in a costume, and keep the treats and tricks coming!

Eerie Invitations

To invite your ghoulish guests, send out "pumpkin pal" invitations. Blow up orange balloons and write party details on them with glow-in-the-dark pens. Then, deflate the balloons and mail them to guests with instructions to inflate the balloons in a dark room to read the message. Add plastic spiders and other creepy crawlers in the envelope to make the invite extra spooky.


Simple Organization Tips for Happier Holidays

Every December, I promise myself that next season I’ll be better prepared for the frenetic holiday pace.


Holiday Traditions

Family traditions are the ties that bind and one of the reasons that holidays can be a very special time for families. When you think back to your own childhood, you may have fond memories of your own Christmas past. These are the memories of holiday traditions....things you did as a child that you probably now pass on to your own family.


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