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Winter-Proof Your Body - Protecting your Family Against Winter ills Begins with your Diet

Spending more time indoors means kids, and adults, are exposed to more pesky germs, viruses and bacteria. Getting sufficient sleep, staying hydrated and active are important to maintaining good health over the winter months, but making small dietary changes can help prevent winter colds and keep your family healthy all year long.


Infant Vision 101 - Caring for Your Family

As a new mother and optometrist, I understand the important role parents play in the eye and vision development of their infant. Healthy eyes and good vision contribute to helping infants see well and prevent developmental delays. There are three steps I encourage parents to take when it comes to vision.


What Dangers are Lurking in Your Medicine Cabinet?

As a parent, you are an expert at scaring away the monsters under the bed or vaporizing the boogieman in the bedroom closet, but have you banished the dangers in your seemingly benign medicine cabinet? Beyond the obvious advice that all medicine should be stored securely out of reach of children, here are some potential dangers you may not have considered.


Heads Up! Protect Your Child’s Brain from Sports-Related Concussions

While watching the 2008 Olympics, Laura Leigh Vetters, then six, tried out her gymnastics skills by diving from a coffee table into an armchair. Mom Nancy Vetters says, “The chair was padded, but I guess it was a hard landing. She cried and cried.” When Laura Leigh’s legs began shaking and she complained of a tummy ache, Nancy knew it was more serious, so she took her to the hospital. “There was lots of throwing up there, and the doctor did some X-rays and other tests.” A CAT-Scan showed no risk of bleeding in her brain, Nancy says, and the doctor sent her home with orders to keep Laura Leigh quiet for a few days to help her brain heal from the concussion.


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