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One Sport, Two Sport, Three Sport, More

If you want to help your family live a healthier and more active life, you’re in luck. You live in a city where nearly 500 sport organizations offer over 85 different sport activities. No matter what the sport, chances are there is a sport organization in Calgary that offers opportunities to learn and play. Participating in a wide variety of sport activities (as opposed to specializing in one sport or another) is particularly important for pre-adolescent boys and girls.


Extracurricular Activities: What to Do When Your Child Wants to Quit

You spent three years driving your young and greatly promising son to hockey at 5am three times a week, and now he wants to quit. Your daughter is an amazing tennis player, has been chosen to play pro, but would rather stay home and update her social networking page. You know that if your children only applied themselves in what they are good at, they would go far, but how do you convince them of that?


Uproot Your Couch Potato Kids: How Parents can Help Their Children be More Active

Has your kid become a couch potato? According to recent stats from the Centers for Disease Control, children between the ages of eight and 18 spend an average of three hours watching television, videos, DVDs and movies every day - and many children watch more than that. All this inactivity is one reason today’s children are heavier than ever before.


Outdoor Fitness Made Fun!

Fresh fallen snow provides a host of fun activities that are sure to cure your cabin fever and improve your family’s health. Huddled in front of the fire is one way to pass the cold winter days, but keeping your family active all year round is the best way to ensure your kids embrace healthy lifestyle habits that will last into adulthood.


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