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Summer is officially here. Finally you can pack away your sweaters and get outside. Summer offers extras hours of daylight and with it the opportunity to spend even more time enjoying outdoor activities. For many, this means more time doing physical activities and playing sports. That's a definite positive - more physical activity equals more calories burned and more muscle tissue gained.

But, it is also important to remember the potential dangers that also come with exercising in hot conditions. As long as you know the dos and don'ts of working out in the heat, then you can fully take advantage of all the fun of summer.


For Fitness Sake - A Fixer-Upper

Invest some time and maybe some money into fixing up what we invest a lifetime in – our bodies.


For Fitness? Sake - Mythbusters

When I hear similar questions asked by clients or group fitness participants, I know it’s time to re-address some of the more common myths about fitness and how it connects to wellness. Sometimes I wonder if we allow these myths to perpetuate so we have an excuse for non-compliance to healthful fitness and food behavior. No, that can’t be it! Read this article several times and develop a plan to address those myths that have been holding you back.


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