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Does it Still Take a Village to Raise a Child?

In many communities, the children have gone inside. The adults have gone inside as well. Even so, there are many situations (online and off) in which adults observe children misbehaving and say nothing. 


The Four Parts to Discipline

Discipline is a complex matter. The days are long and complications abound - there are many, many things we must get our children to do, or stop them from doing - all day, every day. Add the fact that children don’t always listen to us, or do the things we want them to do, and you can understand why parenting is a challenge!


The No-Fear Guide to Handling Public Tantrums

Looking for the thrill of a good horror flick this month? Forget Michael Myers. I have two words for you: public tantrum. There’s nothing like parenting a screaming child amid a staring crowd to inspire the thrill seeker’s sweaty palms and coveted Knot of Dread.


What’s Up With That? Top Tips for Changing Behavior

There are hundreds of strategies for changing behaviors and what strategies and methods you choose is dependent on your child’s needs, abilities, and also your time and means to achieving a behavior goal. Underlying reasons of why a behavior is occurring needs to be considered when choosing an approach; however, these list of tips  - no matter the child’s level of functioning or underlying reasons why - apply to implementing your chosen approach.


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