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7 Tips for Dealing with Picky Eaters

  • I don't like brussel spouts
  • Why does broccoli look like trees?
  • Vegetables make me throw up
  • Why can't we just order Take-out?

I'm sure we've all heard these phrases or something similar utter from the mouths of children. Sometimes feeding children with small appetites or picky eating styles can be difficult when planning family meals. However, learning small ways to maneuver around your child's picky eating habits might be easier than imagined. From paying attention to eating patterns based on age to letting go of some of the eating habits "we" were taught as children can help to bring the family together during dinner time and foster healthy eating habits.


Top 10 Zen - How to Find Calm in a Toddler Tornado

Raising children, toddlers in particular, can be an exhausting process. They can be loud, demanding, energetic and curious. This is not to say that the myriad rewards they offer don't more than counter the above-mentioned points, they do.


Teach Your Children Well - The Four Steps of Discipline

Discipline is a very complicated and complex matter. We want to enjoy our children, we don’t want to stress about the little things, and we want to be forgiving to our children and our selves. However, there are many, many things we must get our children to do, or stop them from doing – all day, every day.


Escapes from Whine Country! Tips to Deal with Whiny Kids

“I neeeeeeed another brownie!”
“It hurts. I caaaaan’t have this seatbelt on!”
“Jordan took the red one! I waaaaant red!”

Ahhhhh. Classic rants of whine country. For many parents, these rants have become the whine of daily life, and it ain’t no Pinot Noir! Preschoolers are especially famous for whinery woes; and tweens? Well, I can confirm they are busted, too.


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