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Helping Kids Cool Down

Everyone has to deal with feelings of anger and frustration. While these feelings are normal, it is important to teach kids how to appropriately deal with them. Parents and kids can work as a team to come up with strategies to handle anger and frustration. Working together to prepare a plan in advance will help your child learn how to calm down and discuss why these feelings occurred. Once your child finds a calm- down technique that works best for them, encourage them to use that strategy whenever they start to feel upset or angry. 


Feuding Siblings? Don’t Let Them Derail Your Dreams

Looking forward to having your kids home for the summer? I always am. I anticipate enjoying the outdoors and a much more leisurely pace - long bike rides and hikes, an annual trek to the beach, lots of ice cream, and more time and connection - all with my kids. The saying goes that a parent’s two favorite days are the day summer vacation begins and the day it ends. Is this true for you? Do you find yourself counting down the days to the start of the new school year because your kids have spoiled your dreams of a relaxing summer by arguing, fighting or refusing to participate in family time and activities?


Positive Discipline: Improving Behavior with Natural Consequences

Read on for age-by-age guidance on putting natural consequences to work for your family - naturally.


6 Ways to End Bedtime Battles with Your Toddler or Preschooler

Does your toddler or preschooler stall bedtime with “just one more [glass of water, book, kiss, etc.]” requests? Once you have entered the land of “just one more” it can be hard to leave, as you tend to get in deeper and deeper each time you give in. The result is later bedtimes, overtired kids and frustrated parents.


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