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Step-Parent Wisdom

I am glad my step-dad never tried to be a father to me, so we didn’t have to get into any power struggles. He became an adult friend and mentor. He was generous with his time. He listened a lot, and gave love freely,” shares Dave from the group. In this group, divorced or separating parents learn communication and parenting strategies. 


Single Parent or Superhero?

Carpool? (Check.) Work? (Check.) Lunch break? No. Pay bills and schedule doctor visits? (Check.) Pick up kids? (Check.) Homework? (Check.) Worry about bullying? (Check.) Made dinner? (Check.) Referee sibling squabbles and then collapse on the couch? (Check.) Single parents have important (and seemingly endless) responsibilities. Unless you have super powers, the stress of doing it all yourself can be overwhelming. But asking for assistance isn’t easy.


8 Ways Parents Can Help Kids Cope with Divorce

Tony was eight years old when his parents separated and later divorced. When his dad moved out, it was very traumatic for his mother. She cried and screamed. His dad didn’t say good-bye to him or explain what was going on. His mom later explained that his dad was going to live somewhere else and Tony could go to see his dad some weekends at his dad’s new place if he wanted to. But Tony’s mom told him with tears in her eyes when she told him about it. Tony loved his mom and didn’t want to see her in pain, so he decided there and then that he would not talk to his mom about the divorce again.


Restoring Self-Wholeness - A Single Parent Perspective

Whether you became a single parent by choice or circumstance, you deserve a moment to marvel at your ability to do one of the most difficult jobs on the planet! After giving yourself a solid pat on the back, please take another moment to consider a fascinating, somewhat troubling, yet hopeful single parent dilemma.


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