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Good News about Blended Families

We bemoan the high divorce rate in society, but it is not all gloom and doom for kids. I am a child of divorce. I divorced myself and I facilitate co-parenting education groups for parents in conflict over separation, divorce or custody issues. Resiliency, creativity and tolerance can emerge from blending families after separation, divorce or death.


Blending Families: Stepparent Dos and Don’ts

Blending families doesn’t have to be a nightmare; it can be an opportunity to show a child that love extends beyond problems between their mom and dad. Stepparents or loving partners that a child may encounter after a divorce, separation or death of a parent, can play an integral part in a child’s life and can provide insight into the depth of a healthy, loving relationship.


Holiday Tips for Single Dads

While TV commercials and retail ads proclaim the holidays as a time for peace and joy (and lots of gifts), many feel that it is the season for family obligations and unpleasant visits with contentious relatives. That feeling of discomfort is compounded for single dads, who many times face awkward gatherings with former in-laws or touchy ex-wives who request or require ‘family time’ with their children. But it doesn’t have to be that way. The holidays don’t have to be loaded with rough patches for single dads, and with a few key tips, you can show your children a happy holiday season.


5 Steps To Help Children Cope During A Divorce

Parent's hearts continue to break every day as they help their children cope with the challenges of divorce. There are no magic bullets or easy answers for parents as they help their children find their way. Yet, in going through my own divorce some ten years ago and in counseling my clients, I have found that keeping the following five things in mind can be very helpful.


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