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Single Parent Homes Aren't "Broken Homes"

More than a decade ago, a television character named Murphy Brown, a single career woman, decided to have and keep a baby. This hardly seems like news today, but at the time it was a scandal. Even the then-Vice-President of the United States made public statements about what a horrid message it was to send to people. Single women should not be raising children - any fool knew that.


Step Parenting - Are You Ready For The Challenge?

Six years ago I became a step parent. Already having two children of my own, I was confident about taking on another. I was excited to include this funny, talented, well-behaved child into my life. In reality, I had no idea what I was getting myself into.


Rebuilding - Generating Strength and Hope Rebuilding After Divorce

If you're a parent going through separation and divorce, minimizing the impact of these turbulent times on your children becomes a high priority. Both you and your children need information and support to move through these major life changes in a constructive, healing manner.


The Single File - Being Consistent - When There's Only One

Last summer, while waiting to pass through the Customs check-in at the Calgary Airport, I noticed a preschool-aged child in front of me becoming increasingly, and understandably, frustrated at having to stand still in line. The child’s expressions of frustration through voice and action escalated to a point where the parent, who had been very accommodating and understanding up to that point with the child, decided the behavior had become unacceptable. “Das ist eins …” the traveling mother’s voice rang out.


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