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Don't Poke Peas Up Your Nose And Other Baffling Battles

“Don’t poke peas up your nose!” It sounds ridiculous to be making such a statement to young children. Perhaps they never thought of it. Actually it might be fun. Haven’t we all seen a fun guy pretending to be a walrus with drinking straws up his nose? Maybe there are parents screaming, “Don’t shove straws up your nose!”


The Early Bird: Waking up Too Early

I don’t need an alarm clock. Every day my daughter wakes up early – usually before 6am. Is there any way to get her to sleep longer, or is she just an early bird?

It is true that some children seem to be natural early birds, but only about 10 per cent to 15 per cent actually have a biological tendency to be a complete lark. Another small percentage is somewhat larkish, but most early-rising children are simply waking up early for outside reasons that affect their rising time, and these can be changed.


Raising An Optimistic Child

If you could immunize your children so they would never have to experience the pain of depression, wouldn’t you line up for the shots?


Can Peer Pressure Ever Be Positive?

My eight-year-old son was excitedly telling me about a birthday party trip to a popular play place. He casually mentioned that he had a fun and bumpy ride in the back of the parent's van. Upon further inquiries, I discovered that several boys rode in the back of the van with no seat belts.


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