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Understanding Your Toddler's Emotions

As toddlers develop, the way they understand and show their feelings change as well. Toddlers have strong emotions. With your help, your toddler can learn to better understand and talk about these emotions.


The Importance of Free Play in a Structured World

Play is instinctual and universal. We all engage in play, across all cultures, and all ages. In fact, there seems to be a biological imperative to play, even across the animal world. Mammals that exhibit the most playful behavior are more creative problem-solvers in comparison to animals that are less playful.

There is a strong and growing movement in Calgary recognizing play as integral to our quality of life. The City of Calgary, along with like-minded partner organizations, like TELUS Spark, are recognizing play as critical to creating an active, vibrant and healthy city. The focus on ‘play’ as it contributes to the healthy development of children is becoming imperative to the way many organizations operate. So why are we focusing on bringing free play back?


Ask Elizabeth: Flusing the Fears of Potty Training

Q: My son is afraid of the flushing of the toilet. How can I get him over this fear? Melissa, mother of Liam.


10 Steps to Preschool Success

The beginning of preschool is a major milestone for children and their parents. Preschool presents new challenges, even for children who have been in day care. Many preschools have expectations more commonly associated with Kindergarten or first grade. Some preschools even have entrance exams that require a child to demonstrate specific skills.


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