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Parenting a Perfectionist - Banish the 'All or Nothing' Thinking

Clothes having to match. Toys arranged in neat rows. Outbursts over not being able to get a task right the first time. These behaviors can indicate to parents that they may have a perfectionist on their hands, for better or for worse. Perfectionists have high standards. Perfectionists can be driven to achieve. But they can also get tied up in knots over their expectations of themselves. And as psychologist Madeline Levine suggests in her book, Teach Your Children Well, performance-oriented children “are so afraid of failing that they challenge themselves far less, take fewer risks, and therefore limit opportunities for growth.”


Dressing Without Drama

If you’ve ever left the house with a child wearing a superhero cape or a princess dress, or if you’ve ever noticed your child’s socks don’t match as you’re dropping them off at school or realized their shirt was on backward when you are picking them up from school at the end of the day, you know the challenges of dressing kids. Whether it’s a matter of clothes not matching or convincing your child to bundle up in cold weather, handling wardrobe issues can be sticky.


Calling for a Little Peace and Quiet - How Time Spent Alone can Foster Creativity and Independence Among Children

Ever felt the need for a peaceful retreat if for no other reason than to collect your thoughts? Your kids might need to do the same. Some experts fear that in a world muddied with thousands of distractions, structured activities, and constant entertainment options, our children do not spend enough time alone simply relaxing or engaging in quiet, unplugged play. 


Starting Your Baby on Solid Foods: Questions and Answers

Starting your baby on solid foods is an exciting milestone that can be fun and messy and, like most new things in parenting, comes with lots of questions. Here are some common questions and answers to help your baby get off to a healthy start with solids. 


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